Welcome  to Wagon Trail Wood Working Let Me  Introduce My Self

Hi my name is Buddy,

  I do custom wood working & design. If you can dream it up or, think it up in your head , I can draw, design & build it!! Any thing, I use only wood and natural safe finishes,i never use MDF bord, or partial wood or ply wood, My furniture stands out as an heirloom for generations to come, I believe fully in Quality, not Quantity, like the old timers in the 1800, they made quality furniture , root cellars, and more, the crafts man ship from the olden days is still standing today, as will my furniture in two hundred years  and beyond, you may pas it down from child to grand children, i can etch you family name or what ever you would like to have written on it to distinguish your familys name yeas or ??? my prices are higher then the normal furniture that is made of man made materials, bought from a regular furniture store, my pices stand out,be cause of the qualituy feella nd look and the quality build!!!